Auckland Bioengineering Institute

The Auckland Bioengineering Institute (ABI) is a cross-faculty research centre. Our research deals with the application of mathematical and engineering sciences to biology and human physiology. We aim to improve understanding of physiological processes and the diagnosis and treatment of injury or disease. Many of our staff have joint appointments in other Faculties, especially with the Department of Engineering Science in the Faculty of Engineering and the Department of Physiology in the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences.

  • International collaboration to lead exciting robotics development
    12 December 2016
    Digital engineering and the human-machine interface is likely to benefit from a recent international collaboration on the interaction between soft materials and rigid robots at the University of Auckland.
  • MacDiarmid Medal: Virtual window into our airways
    24 November 2016
    Research into creating anatomically detailed models of the respiratory system, providing new tools for diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of lung disease - has earned Professor Merryn Tawhai this year’s award of the MacDiarmid Medal by the Royal Society of New Zealand.
  • Pickering Medal: new technology that mimics nature
    24 November 2016
    Technology that mimics nature is the focus of Associate Professor Iain Anderson from the University of Auckland, who was awarded the Pickering Medal from the Royal Society of New Zealand this week.
  • New device to monitor pelvic floor
    23 November 2016
    A world-first innovative device that can measure pelvic floor muscle changes in women is being developed at the University of Auckland.
  • Our people

    Meet the scientists, researchers, students and support staff of the Auckland Bioengineering Institute.

  • Our research

    From biomimetics to bioinstrumentation, our hearts to our skin, read about the breadth of activities carried out by ABI research groups.

  • Software development

    Find out about the software tools and frameworks the Auckland Bioengineering Institute develops to support its research activities, and our developers.

  • Commercial activities

    IMeasureU, Portal Instruments, StretchSense, UnEmap System and the former Telemetry Research (now merged with Millar Instruments) are commercial entities which have developed from the ABI's innovative research programme.

  • University of Auckland Bioengineering Masters Scholarships

    Are you domestic student considering a masters degree in Bioengineering? Apply for one of our Masters scholarships.

  • ABI Research Forum 2017 (Forums) Event as iCalendar
    23 February 2017, 8:15am - 5pm
    A showcase of ABI's current research, on 23 February at the Owen G Glenn Building. This year's theme is fostering and maintaining collaborations.
  • Ihaka lectures 2017: Expressing yourself with R (Science Event Tags, Conferences, Lectures, Seminars, Department of Statistics) Event as iCalendar
    08 March 2017
    Launching our 2017 Ihaka Lecture Series, Hadley Wickham will discuss R as a language, a medium of communication between you and the computer, and you and other programmers.
  • Ihaka lectures 2017: R and data journalism in New Zealand (Science Event Tags, Conferences, Lectures, Seminars, Department of Statistics) Event as iCalendar
    15 March 2017, 6pm
    In the second of the Ihaka Lecture Series, Harkanwal Singh, Data Editor at the New Zealand Herald, discusses the challenges of attempting to practise statistical thinking in a narrative-driven field, and how visualisation has helped to explain the value of data in the newsrooms.