Auckland Bioengineering Institute

The Auckland Bioengineering Institute (ABI) is a cross-faculty research centre. Our research deals with the application of mathematical and engineering sciences to biology and human physiology. We aim to improve understanding of physiological processes and the diagnosis and treatment of injury or disease. Many of our staff have joint appointments in other Faculties, especially with the Department of Engineering Science in the Faculty of Engineering and the Department of Physiology in the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences.

  • Step change in reducing knee joint injury and pain
    18 April 2016
    ABI’s Thor Besier, Daniel Chen and Markus Haller spoke to Radio NZ about their research in knee joint injury and pain, a common problem for middle-aged people. They created wearable devices that help patients alter the way they walk, which reduces injury, pain and delays the need for surgery.
  • Art and science meet in BabyX
    29 February 2016
    NZ Herald meets BabyX, an interactive animated virtual infant created at ABI's Laboratory for Animate Technologies (LAT), and profiles LAT director Dr Mark Sagar's passion for both art and science.
  • Designer lights up runway with StretchSense technology
    15 February 2016
    Stretchable sensors from StretchSense, a spinout company from ABI's Biomimetics Lab, along with Intel technology enable fashion models to control and light up their smart garments at the New York Fashion Week runway.
  • Mitten impossible: Kiwi air guitar glove hits world stage
    18 January 2016
    NZ Herald writes about a movement-tracking sensor glove made by StretchSense, a spinout company from ABI's Biomimetics Lab. It was used by a bass guitar player to perform without a physical guitar at a keynote address for Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 in the US.
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    Meet the scientists, researchers, students and support staff of the Auckland Bioengineering Institute.

  • Our research

    From biomimetics to bioinstrumentation, our hearts to our skin, read about the breadth of activities carried out by ABI research groups.

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    Find out about the software tools and frameworks the Auckland Bioengineering Institute develops to support its research activities, and our developers.

  • Commercial activities

    IMeasureU, Portal Instruments, StretchSense, UnEmap System and the former Telemetry Research (now merged with Millar Instruments) are commercial entities which have developed from the ABI's innovative research programme.

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