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Configurable software for real-time data acquisition

UnEmap Software consists of multiple applications for dealing with real-time data acquistion, signal processing and data presentation.

UnEmap-Acquisition provides configuration and live preview for multiple electrodes. It also controls the pacing interface.

UnEmap-Analysis performs spectral analysis, potential and activation time calculations, mapping and animation. All data can be exported for customized analysis.

UnEmap accomodates your custom electrode arrays defined in arbitrary 2D areas and 3D volumes.

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The right electrodes for your project


A variety of electrode systems are available with style and electrode spacing ranging from 120 um rigid arrays suitable for the mouse to flat flexible plaques and compliant full epicardial socks for larger animals.

Application specific shapes (e.g. for atrial mapping) and electrode spacing can be custom made. Adapters can facilitate unipolar and bipolar recordings and bipolar pacing from any location on the electrode assembly.

Flat rectangular plaques can be overlaid to generate more extensive arrays. The 1mm spaced electrodes to the left cover an area of 16mm by 26mm.


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Phone: +64 9 923 5116

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