Kinematics of the Shoulder Complex: Model Registration, Biplane X-Ray Videoradiography and Soft Tissue Artefacts (Video) Event as iCalendar


24 May 2016

4 - 5pm

Venue: Ground Floor Seminar Room (G10)

Location: 70 Symonds Street, Auckland Central

Portrait of Ted Yeung


A Bioengineering PhD exit seminar by Ted Yeung, Auckland Bioengineering Institute.



The main aim of my PhD was to investigate soft tissue artefacts (STA) in the kinematics of the shoulder complex that occur in optical motion capture and determine the effect of heterogeneity on methods that are used to reduce STA. In this talk I will discuss my work on:

  • Developing a method to reduce uncertainties and errors in model registration using MR imaging, infrared depth mapping and a subject specific model of the shoulder complex ;
  • Determining the kinematics of the shoulder complex and its relative skin motion using biplanar x-ray videoradiography; and
  • Investigating the use of singular value and polar decomposition to estimation rigid body parameters from the shoulder’s optical motion capture data, which indirectly estimated the amount STA due to heterogeneity.

About the Speaker

Ted graduated with a Bachelor in Engineering (Honours) in Software Engineering and a Bachelor in Science majoring in Biological Sciences conjoint in 2010. He completed a Master of Engineering in Software Engineering in Feb 2011.

Ted's Masters thesis was on visualising and navigating data in large heterogeneous repositories. He worked as tutor and mentor for software engineering and computer science students in 2010.

In 2011 Ted started his doctoral study at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute. His research project focused on developing an anatomically correct ridge body kinematics model for the shoulder complex.