Three adventures in Bioengineering: Bioinspired Stingray Robot, Cockroach Biobots, and Electrical Activity in Pig Guts (Video) Event as iCalendar


06 September 2016

4 - 5pm

Venue: Ground Floor Seminar Room (G10)

Location: 70 Symonds Street, Auckland Central



A Bioengineering seminar by Dr. Jon Erickson, Physics and Engineering Department, Washington and Lee University, Lexington, USA.



This seminar will feature three research projects undertaken with interdisciplinary undergraduate student project teams: First, a stingray-inspired robot was developed that successfully mimicked the biological species’ optimal flapping frequency and fin deformation profile during free swimming tests. Propulsion is driven by a novel actuation mechanism using only 4 servo motors. Second, we developed a robust neural-electrical stimulus protocol in Madagascar hissing cockroaches to elicit a desired locomotion response, potentially for biobot search and rescue operations.  Responses were found to vary with stimulus amplitude, but not frequency.  Third, automated signal processing techniques have been developed to map propagating wavefronts of electrical activity in the porcine gastrointestinal system.  Current efforts are focused on low-cost, non-invasive diagnostic techniques, with an eye toward clinical translation.  Throughout, I will also highlight the wonderful opportunities and some challenges of working with interdisciplinary undergraduate student research project teams.