Why starting a business can help you finish your PhD (Video) Event as iCalendar


10 May 2016

4 - 5pm

Venue: Ground Floor Seminar Room (G10)

Location: 70 Symonds St, Auckland Central

Daniel Xu

A Bioengineering exit seminar by Daniel Xu, CEO, Spark64 and PhD candidate, Auckland Bioengineering Institute

Abstract: Two years into my doctorate degree, I seriously contemplated about quitting. Most research proposals inevitably go off on a tangent - either shoot off to the moon or get consumed by a black hole. Mine was neither, but was more like a rocket that had spent its last bit of fuel and now left floating in space.

12 months later, I had over 6 publications, well into a thesis and working in a growing startup business.  In this talk, I will share my stories of the many pivotal moments during my PhD on a wearable motion capture sensor and;

  • How to convince journals to publish your work
  • Juggling between work and study
  • Advice on staying motivated
  • Embracing uncertainty and risk taking
  • Tricking yourself to focus and get stuff done
  • Intellectual property and working with Uniservices