Modelling electrical stimulation of the retina Event as iCalendar


16 May 2017

4 - 5pm

Venue: Level 5 Seminar Room (ALR6/421W-501)

Location: Architecture Building, 26 Symonds Street, Auckland Central

Farzaneh Shalbaf Hosseinabadi

Note: The venue is different from the usual location for this seminar.

An ABI exit seminar by Farzaneh Shalbaf Hosseinabadi, Auckland Bioengineering Institute.


Retinal prosthetic devices have been trialled in patients suffering from outer retinal degenerative diseases. Developing patient-specific models of the human retina can provide a non-invasive tool to predict the response of individual retinae to electrical stimulation, and possibly assist optimising retinal implant parameters and enhancing their performance. In my PhD, I showed that  anatomical variations between individuals alters the electrode distance to target cells, which in turn changes the 3D current distribution through the retinal layers, and ultimately affects activation threshold within and across subjects.  In this presentation, the result of five healthy and five diseased human retinal responses to electrical stimulation will be presented and it will be illustrated that the stimulus current should be tuned for each electrode in each individual to ensure a consistent performance.

Venue location

You can find a map of the venue of this seminar here, circled in red.