Nanoneedle chip technology for massively parallel gene editing Event as iCalendar


14 March 2017

4 - 5pm

Venue: ALR6/421W-501 (Level 5, Architecture Building)

Location: 26 Symonds Street, Auckland Central

Please note the change of venue.

An ABI seminar by Dr Steven Banerjee, Founder & CEO, Mekonos Inc, Auckland and Palo Alto.


In 2015, a one-year-old girl, Layla, became cancer free due to a gene editing technology that was used for a cell therapy trial in UK. She received programmed immune T-cells from a healthy donor. These cells were engineered by deleting and introducing modified genes into the genome using "molecular scissors" type gene editing technology called TALEN. Moreover with the recent advancements made possible using CRISPR-Cas technology, genome editing can be done with unprecedented precision, efficiency, and flexibility targeted toward therapeutics. Nonetheless, the primary mode of delivering such gene editing molecules is using viruses or hi-voltage electric field which poses incredible challenges across different cell types. Therefore, one of our primary goals is to use our proprietary silicon nano-robotic chip technology to standardize such delivery on an industrial scale by coating such molecules onto our array of precisely controlled nanoneedles. This will deliver such programmed molecules into a massive array of single cells using individually controlled nanoneedles in a highly targeted manner. With such a massive scale non-viral mechanical delivery, we expect to solve the delivery issue for ex vivo cell and gene therapy that will be a big leap toward personalized medicine.