ABI MedTalks: Using Science to Personalise Healthcare Event as iCalendar


22 June 2017

5 - 7pm

Venue: Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron

Location: 181 Westhaven Drive, Auckland Central

Website: RSVP here!


Can you imagine going to the doctor and seeing a model of your heart, lungs and gut flash up on a computer screen?

This could well be a reality in the next few years with advances in technology and health research.

Already, researchers have gathered data on our health to build personalised models of our body. Data collected over time from a person is trended against a larger population and is used to determine risk, disease progression and help optimise strategies for care.

In this series of ABI MedTalks, we explore through computational modelling the function of three main organs -the heart, lungs and gut - to understand how each changes with disease.

At the heart of the matter, our aim is to help you better understand your health and personalise your care by using the underlying science, biological and engineering framework.

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Need help finding the venue? Here is a map of the location.