Deep Learning in Medical Image Analysis – How AI is Enhancing Diagnosis Event as iCalendar


15 January 2018

11:30am - 12:30pm

Venue: Ground floor seminar room (G10)

Location: 70 Symonds St, Auckland Central

An ABI seminar by Dr Matthew Sinclair, Biomedical Image Analysis Group, Department of Computing, Imperial College, London, UK.


In the last 5 years, we have seen an explosion in the development of deep learning advances applied to image and video data. These have led to new applications across domains such as autonomous vehicles, satellite surveillance, special effects, video compression, as well as medical image analysis. In this talk we will explore how artificial intelligence (AI) is impacting the way in which medical images are used to aid and improve diagnosis. We will look at several applications, including biometric estimation in fetal ultrasound, tumour detection in brain MRI, and automated cardiac analysis from cine MRI. Additionally this talk will cover the fundamentals of deep learning in computer vision, explaining what makes these techniques capable of achieving human-level performance on tasks that use image and video data.