Inaugural Lecture: My electrifying journey through the gut by Prof Leo Cheng Event as iCalendar


24 October 2018

5:15 - 7pm

Venue: Neon Foyer for refreshments starting at 5.15pm & Lecture Theatre 401.439 for lecture starting at 6pm

Location: Faculty of Engineering, 20 Symonds Street

Contact info: RSVP by 15th October 2018

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Portrait of Leo Cheng

Like the heart, rhythmic electrical waves coordinate the contractions and relaxations of the gut walls in a process known as peristalsis. These coordinated movements are critical for the efficient breakdown of food in the stomach and the transport and mixing of digesta in the small intestine and the compacting and storage of waste in the colon. A number of disease states have disordered electrical activity patterns, resulting in chronic indigestion, nausea, vomiting and a severely reduced quality of life.

Research studies conducted by Professor Cheng’s team at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute over the last 15 years have led to significant advances in our understanding of both normal and diseased gut function. This lecture will describe the team’s integrated experimental and mathematical modelling approaches for quantifying the electrical activity in the gut. They are currently evaluating a number of new diagnostic and therapeutic techniques for gut disorders.

Professor Cheng is the Associate Director of Research for the Auckland Bioengineering Institute and leads the Gastrointestinal Motility Research Group. The group collaborates closely with a variety of clinicians, gastroenterologists and engineers based in New Zealand, the US and in Europe.