Auckland Bioengineering Institute

News articles

  • Public invited to expert panel on robotics in healthcare
    28 October 2016
    From bionic hearing to robotic surgery, the use of robotics in healthcare will be discussed at a free public panel discussion in Auckland on Tuesday.
  • Medtech – from smart splints to sonification
    14 October 2016
    New Zealand’s first ever medical technology showcase opens to the public at SILO 6 in Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter later this month.
  • Major donation boosts New Zealand medtech and neuroscience
    05 October 2016
    A significant donation to the University of Auckland’s recently launched fundraising campaign is set to create new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for healthcare and new opportunities in the rapidly growing New Zealand medical technology sector.
  • Congratulations to our 2016 spring granduands!
    27 September 2016
    Nine masters and PhD students have successfully completed their programmes and are graduating today.
  • ABI secures technology funding for innovative project
    14 September 2016
    An ABI project to develop new machine vision technology has received funding through a National Science Challenge seed fund.
  • Biomimetic caterpillar walks free
    19 August 2016
    Trevor the Caterpillar is the world's first electronics-free biomimetic caterpillar, powered by artificial muscles.
  • Dragonfly shows simulated flight potential
    12 August 2016
    Futuristic dragonflies are flapping their wings in the Biomimetics Lab at the University of Auckland’s Bioengineering Institute.
  • Taniwha wins human-powered sub world champion races
    20 July 2016
    The New Zealand human-propelled submarine Taniwha, has won a world title for human propelled submarines after a week of timed races in Gosport in England.
  • Major funding boosts expansion for StretchSense
    01 July 2016
    A company marketing wearable sensor technology developed at the University of Auckland has just had a major funding boost from a Japanese corporation.
  • Research with us this summer
    28 June 2016
    Apply now for a summer research scholarship with ABI. Conduct interesting research projects on understanding and improving human health with our leading researchers and facilities.
  • Med-tech focus of Auckland conference
    10 June 2016
    Research and innovation in medical technologies from New Zealand and overseas will be the focus of a conference in Auckland this month.
  • Auckland expertise key to global heart rhythm research
    10 June 2016
    Bioengineers and physiologists from Auckland are partners in a prestigious global group just awarded a $6 million grant to investigate heart imaging technologies for heart failure and arrhythmia.
  • Heart energetics researcher gains funding
    23 May 2016
    The response of heart muscle in heart failure will come under closer scrutiny with the award of an emerging researcher grant by the Health Research Council.
  • Kiwis kit makes walking electric
    10 May 2016
    NZ Herald looks at a new wearable power harvesting kit, developed at ABI's Biomimetics Lab and commercialised by spin-out company StretchSense. It enables wearers to generate electricity just by walking, which can then be used to power activity trackers, GPS transmitters, and maybe large devices like smartphones in the future.
  • ABI team awarded for Research Excellence
    09 May 2016
    A team from the Auckland Bioengineering Institute who critically advanced the understanding of an aspect of gut health and disease, was awarded a University of Auckland Research Excellence Award last week.
  • Biomimicry earns Commercialisation Medal
    09 May 2016
    One of the founding members of the Auckland Bioengineering Institute, Associate Professor Iain Anderson, recently received an award for significant commercialisation of his research.
  • Taniwha preparing to defend its world title
    06 May 2016
    Professor Iain Anderson and his team at ABI are hoping to repeat their winning success with their human-powered submarine Taniwha at the 2016 European International Submarine Race in England. Members of the public will be able to meet the submarine and the team up close during an open day.
  • Step change in reducing knee joint injury and pain
    18 April 2016
    ABI’s Thor Besier, Daniel Chen and Markus Haller spoke to Radio NZ about their research in knee joint injury and pain, a common problem for middle-aged people. They created wearable devices that help patients alter the way they walk, which reduces injury, pain and delays the need for surgery.
  • Designer lights up runway with StretchSense technology
    15 February 2016
    Stretchable sensors from StretchSense, a spinout company from ABI's Biomimetics Lab, along with Intel technology enable fashion models to control and light up their smart garments at the New York Fashion Week runway.
  • Mitten impossible: Kiwi air guitar glove hits world stage
    18 January 2016
    NZ Herald writes about a movement-tracking sensor glove made by StretchSense, a spinout company from ABI's Biomimetics Lab. It was used by a bass guitar player to perform without a physical guitar at a keynote address for Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 in the US.