ABI secures technology funding for innovative project

14 September 2016

An Auckland Bioengineering Institute (ABI) project to develop new machine vision technology has received funding through a Science for Technological Innovation National Science Challenge seed fund.

The funding is spread over three years to accelerate the technology which will bring unprecedented accuracy to the development of world-leading diagnostic products in healthcare, agriculture and infrastructure.

It will enable industrial partners in a variety of sectors to add value to their products and services.

The initial research will focus on applications in industrial monitoring and maintenance -such as wind turbine blade inspection; in healthcare, such as new cardiovascular diagnostics; and agriculture, such as improved fruit sorting.

The new seed projects have been designed to create new knowledge through fundamental research that will advance the evolution of New Zealand’s high-tech economy.

Professor Poul Nielsen will be the principal investigator and science leader of the project, Professor Martyn Nash and Amir HajiRassouliha will be associate investigators. Amir will also be a post-doctoral researcher.  

The ABI project is one of 10 national projects to receive technology challenge funding worth a total of $826,000.

For media enquiries email Suzi Phillips, Media Advisor, ABI.

This story was updated on 16 September 2016.