ABI team awarded for Research Excellence

09 May 2016
Research Excellence Awards 2016
At the Research Excellence Awards, the University's Vice-Chancellor Professor Stuart McCutcheon reads out the citation while some of the award winning ABI team look on, from left; Dr Timothy Angeli, Dr Niranchan Paskaranandavadivel, Dr Peng Du, and Associate Professor Leo Cheng

A team from the Auckland Bioengineering Institute who critically advanced the understanding of an aspect of gut health and disease, was awarded a University of Auckland Research Excellence Award last week.

The team was one awarded one of four Research Excellence Awards at the University’s Research Excellence Award ceremony attended by the Minister of Science and Innovation, Hon Stephen Joyce.

“These awards recognise individual projects or programmes which are exceptional research achievements of outstanding quality and which have been published in the last five years,” said the University’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Stuart McCutcheon.

Award winners received $5000 and a commemorative medal designed by artist and Walter’s prize winner, alumna Kate Newby.

The successful ABI team included, Associate Professor Leo Cheng, Associate Professor Gregory O’Grady, Dr Peng Du, Dr Niranchan Paskaranandavadivel, Dr Tim Angeli, and Dr Shameer Sathar.

The award citation reads:

“The research program of this team has critically advanced the understanding of slow waves of the gut in both health and disease.

“They have led an international collaboration of engineers, scientists, and clinicians in developing new diagnostic and therapeutic tools for disorders of gastrointestinal “slow waves”.

“To achieve this aim, they have designed an array of innovative devices and software packages and applied them in world-first animal and clinical studies to define basic disease processes.

“They have also introduced the “Virtual Gut” project, an international collaboration of scientists working to generate accurate models of gastrointestinal structure and function.

Their program is an exemplary model of interdisciplinary international research achieving critical advances in complex science and novel clinical applications.”

For media enquiries email Suzi Phillips, Media Advisor ABI.