Two ABI teams qualify for the final stage of $100k Velocity Challenge

11 September 2017
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Reza and his team members with their award for WiCaps at the Velocity $100k Qualifiers Ceremony. Pictured are (from left to right) Dr Daniel McCormick, Thomas Henderson, Reza Sehdehi and Associate Professor Patrick Hu. Also pictured is Mr Stephen Flint, Director of Commercialisation at UniServices who presented the award.

Auckland Bioengineering Institute (ABI) would like to congratulate two teams led by Reza Sehdehi and Amir Haji Rassouliha, respectively, who have gained entry into the final stage of the Velocity $100k Challenge.

Individuals who have been instrumental in developing the qualifying entry are Reza, his team member Thomas Henderson, co-supervisor, Dr Daniel McCormick and supervisors Associate Professors Patrick Hu and David Budgett (Read more about Amir’s team and the Velocity $100k Challenge here).

Reza and team’s qualifying entry was a venture summary (mini business plan) that centred around the WiCaps technology that can charge biomedical implants wirelessly. Currently, biomedical implants such as heart pumps are charged through wires from these devices that protrude through the skin. This substantially increases the risk of infection and death resulting from these infections. Thus, there is a need for technology such as WiCaps that can charge these devices wirelessly.

WiCaps technology, which is being developed as part of Reza’s PhD, can also be used for other purposes such as powering solar panels. In the oil and gas industry, it can be used for pipeline sensing in remote locations for operational and maintenance purposes. Entries submitted to the Velocity Innovation Challenge based on these applications earlier this year have won Reza and his team two prizes.

Reza and his team are currently in the midst of participating in intensive training and various workshops which are part of the final stage of the Velocity $100k Challenge. They are also preparing their final business plan and presentation to compete in this stage - ABI wishes them all the very best!