Auckland Bioengineering Institute

Andrew Creegan

Portrait of Andrew Creegan

Master of Engineering specialising in Bioengineering

Graduated: 2015

Currently: working in the Biomimetics Laboratory as a Research Engineer.


Andrew received a Bachelor of Engineering with Honors specialising in Mechatronics from the University of Auckland in 2013. He went on to complete a Master's degree at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute's Biomimetics Laboratory. His work combined expertise in Mechatronics with research into Dielectric Elastomer (DE) artificial muscles.


Artificial Muscles From the Ground up: 3D Printing and Micro-Machining of Artificial Muscle Devices

Andrew's thesis focused on the development of 3D printing and microfabrication methods for the production of Dielectric Elastomers (DE), with the aim of increasing the overall reliability of DE production, as well as opening new avenues for research into DE applications.


Research group / project