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Desney Greybe

Dr Desney Greybe

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) specialising in Bioengineering

Graduated: 2015

Currently: lecturing and working as a Teaching Assistant in Biomechanics, while looking for a postdoctoral research position.


Desney was awarded his Bachelor of Science with Honours in Sport and Exercise Science from University of Auckland in 2008, double majoring in Sport and Exercise Science and Psychology. His Honours dissertation used kinematic, biomechanical analysis to evaluate how effectively particular psychological interventions improved golf-swing technique.



Finite element modeling of distal radioulnar joint articulation

Desney's doctoral research involved developing a finite element model of the human forearm in order to calculate distal radioulnar joint forces and the resulting deformation of soft-tissue structures associated with the joint. This information will benefit orthopaedic surgeons and clinicians designing interventions for patients with disorders of the forearm and hand.


Dr Kumar Mithraratne
Dr Michael Boland, Auckland Hand and Wrist

Research group

Musculoskeletal Modelling