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Helen Lam

Portrait of Helen Lam.

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BE(Hons) PhD

Helen Lam received a Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering with first class honours from The University of Auckland in 2006, and then began a doctoral degree at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute in 2007.

Helen’s research project involved the development of a biventricular model for clinical application, where ejection fractions, volumes and masses of the left and right ventricles of patients can be estimated accurately from cardiac MRI images throughout the entire cardiac cycle.

She  collaborated with Dr Bridget Leonard and Associate Professor Ian LeGrice from the Department of Physiology to investigate surgically induced infarction in rat hearts using a variety of MRI methodologies. Her main focus was to investigate the changes in the pattern of myocardial fibres in rat hearts with myocardial infarction using diffusion tensor MRI.

Helen is now working as an Engineering Analyst with the Department of Anatomy.

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