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John Davidson

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BE(Hons) PhD

John Davidson joined the Auckland Bioengineering Institute to study for a PhD with Professor Andrew Pullan in the Musculo-Skeletal Research Group.

John's doctoral research centred on the development of a computational representation of the electro-mechanics of skeletal muscle. The model was designed to represent the physiology of individual muscle cells, the functional organisation of the cells, and the whole muscle response as a result activation.

John's model can be used to predict the response of muscle to a variety of inputs, for example Functional Electrical Stimulation, a rehabilitation technique which can be used to activate muscle which is not longer under full nervous control, for example, in the case of patients who experience strokes or paralysis.

After completing his thesis John joined the the University of Western Australia as a Research Fellow. He has since been promoted to Research Associate Professor in the School of Computer Science and Software Engineering.

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