Auckland Bioengineering Institute

Vijay Rajagopal


Alumnus profile

After Vijay completing his undergraduate degree Engineerinig Science in 2003, he was awarded a Foundation for Research, Science and Technology Top Achiever Doctoral Scholarship. Vijay defended his doctoral thesis at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute in 2007, received an appointment as  research fellow at the Institute, and went on to establish the Biomechanics for Breast Imaging group with his former supervisors Professor Martyn Nash and Professor Poul Nielsen.

In 2012, Vijay left the Institute to take up a position as a research scientist at teh Singaport MIT Alliance in Research and Technology Center.

Vijay is now a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Melbourne. He moved to Melbourne in 2014 to establish a research program in ‘cellular geometrics’ to measure and model the 3D spatial organization of cells and their local environment, to address questions about structure-function relationships from the sub-cellular to inter-cellular scale in heart disease and cancer. Vijay is also a member of the Systems Biology Laboratory at Melbourne alongside Professor Edmund Crampin, a former staff member of the ABI.

Vijay continues to collaborate with Auckland Bioengineering Institute researchers on projects such as 3D Cardiac Cell Modelling.