Gerrit Becker

Gerrit Becker


Contact details

Uniservices House,
Room Level 5, Room 439 547
70 Symonds St
Auckland 1010

Phone: +64 9 3737 599 ext 83913

I am studying for my Bachelor of Science in Biomimetics at the Westphalian University of Applied Sciences in Germany. For my final semester I am doing a 6 month internship at the Biomimetics Lab of the Auckland Bioengineering Institute. I first came across the work of the Institute when reading about its submarine, the Taniwha.

As I am interested in continuing my education in marine engineering, working on this project offers me a great opportunity to explore what it means to work on underwater vehicles. Over the last four months I have been helping the team getting the submarine ready for the race in Maryland last June. I also got the chance to join the team for the actual race as a support diver which was a great experience.

Besides the Taniwha I have been working on a small remotely operated vehicle (ROV) for underwater exploration, which was just recently purchased by the lab as a new project in the field of marine engineering. 

For the remaining time, I will be working on a new, innovative submarine design for the Taniwha II, which will be used for the international submarine races in the UK in 2016.