Auckland Bioengineering Institute


The Auckland Bioengineering Institute is a world leader in computational physiology and biomedical engineering. Our teams of researchers have developed computer models of the heart, lung, digestive, and musculo-skeletal systems to further understanding of human health and disease.

Our researchers have also developed novel imaging applications and instrumentation systems to support these initiatives. Working closely with medical professionals, we are creating patient-specific models to improve disease prognosis and therapy, constructing systems for surgical planning, and developing products and services customised to individual anatomy.

Principal Investigators and Research Fellows

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If calling from outside of the University, dial +64 9 3737 599 then the extension for the person you wish to speak to.

  Name Position Extension Email
A Dr Massoud Alipour Research Fellow 89122
  Associate Professor Iain Anderson Principal Investigator 82465
  Dr Tim Angeli Research Fellow 89742
  Dr Koray Atalag Senior Research Fellow 89726

B Dr Habib Yusufi Baluwala Research Fellow 89241
^ Associate Professor Thor Besier Principal Investigator 86953
  Dr Gib Bogle Senior Research Fellow 87030
  Dr Christopher Bradley Senior Research Fellow, Principal Investigator 89924
  Associate Professor David Budgett Technology Development Leader 85116
C Dr Bryan Caldwell
Research Fellow 85122

^ Associate Professor Leo Cheng Principal Investigator 87101
  Dr Alys Clark Senior Research Fellow 84771
  Dr Mike Cooling Research Fellow 81492
D Dr Bernard de Bono Associate Professor, Principal Investigator -
  Dr Peng Du Research Fellow 87101
  Dr Justin Fernandez Senior Research Fellow, Principal Investigator 89196
  Dr Desney Greybe
Research Fellow 89122
  Dr Sarah-Jane Guild Senior Research Fellow
H Dr June-Chiew Han Research Fellow 85102
^ Dr Kerry Hedges Research Fellow 84771
  Dr Harvey Ho Research Fellow 82164
  Professor Peter Hunter Principal Investigator 88395
  Dr Jagir Hussan Research Fellow 81863
K Dr Jennifer Kruger Research Fellow 89968
^ Dr Haribalan Kumar Research Fellow 84760
L Dr Sandy Lau
Research Fellow 84584
^ Associate Professor Ian LeGrice Principal Investigator 86206
  Dr Ho Yan (Alex) Leung Research Fellow 89825
  Associate Professor Denis Loiselle Principal Investigator 86202 / 86209
  Dr David Long Principal Investigator 81818
M Professor Simon Malpas Principal Investigator 86922
^ Dr Daniel McCormick Research Fellow 89825
  Dr Kumar Mithraratne Senior Research Fellow, Principal Investigator 83011
N Professor Martyn Nash Principal Investigator 82550
  Dr David Nickerson Senior Research Fellow 81994
  Professor Poul Nielsen Principal Investigator 88391
O Dr Greg O'Grady Senior Research Fellow 89790
^ Dr Niranchan Paskaranandavadivel Research Fellow 81499
  Dr Paul Roberts Research Fellow 86008
  Dr Bryan Ruddy Research Fellow 82424
S Dr Soroush Safaei Research Fellow 81497
^ Associate Professor Mark Sagar Director, Laboratory for Animate Technologies 81661
  Dr Gregory Sands Senior Research Fellow 81437
  Dr Shameer Sathar
Research Fellow 81497
  Dr Vickie Shim Senior Research Fellow 86932
  Professor Bruce Smaill Principal Investigator 86302
  Dr Dharshini Sreenivasan Postdoctoral Researcher
  Dr Vinod Suresh Principal Investigator 89746
T Associate Professor Andrew Taberner Principal Investigator 85024
^ Professor Merryn Tawhai Principal Investigator 85119
  Dr Mark Titchener Senior Research Fellow 85285
  Dr Kenneth Tran Research Fellow 85122
  Dr Mark Trew Senior Research Fellow 85114
  Dr Jason Turuwhenua Research Fellow 85807
V Dr Ehsan Vaghefi Research Fellow 89241
  Dr Vicky Wang Research Fellow 84651
  Professor Alistair Young Principal Investigator 86115
  Dr Ju Zhang Research Fellow 86916
  Dr Jichao Zhao Senior Research Fellow 86505

Research associates, honorary members and clinical affiliates

Name ABI position Home institution/company Email
Dr Michael Boland Honorary ABI member Orthopaedic & Hand Surgeon
Dr Kelly Burrowes
Honorary ABI member Senior Research Fellow, University of Oxford
Professor Edmund Crampin Honorary ABI member Systems Biology Laboratory Director, University of Melbourne
Dr Raj Das   Senior Lecturer, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Professor Paul Donaldson   Director, Molecular Vision Laboratory
Mark Finch Honorary ABI member Founder, IMeasureU
Professor Elwyn Firth   Professor, Department of Sport and Exercise Science
Dr Todd Gisby Honorary ABI member Chief Technical Officer, StretchSense
Dr Patrick Gladding Honorary ABI member Cardiologist, North Shore Hospital
Dr Geoffrey Handsfield
Honorary ABI member Whitaker Post-Doctoral Scholar
Dr Darren Hooks Honorary ABI member Electrophysiology Cardiologist, Capital Coast District Health Board
Dr Bronwen Kelly
Honorary ABI member   -
Dr Shawn Means Honorary ABI member
Dr Kimberley Mellor Honorary ABI member Lecturer, Department of Physiology

Professor Willem Lammers Honorary Professor
Dr Jacob Munro Honorary ABI member Senior Lecturer, Department of Surgery
Dr Ben O'Brien Honorary ABI member Chief Executive Officer, StretchSense
Professor David Paterson   Professor of Cardiovascular Physiology, University of Oxford
Associate Professor Rocco Pitto   Associate Professor, Clinical and Medical, Department of Surgery
Dr Vijay Rajagopal Honorary Research Fellow Senior Lecturer, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Melbourne

Dr Glenn Ramsey Honorary ABI member
Professor Oliver Röhrle Honorary ABI member Professor for Continuum Biomechanics and Mechanobiology, Universität Stuttgart
Professor Nic Smith   Dean, Faculty of Engineering