Ashley Cherian Abraham

ME student

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Uniservices House
70 Symonds St, Level 7



Ashley graduated from Anna university (Rajiv Gandhi college of engineering), Chennai, in India with a first class degree in Bachelors in Engineering specializing in Biomedical Engineering in the year of 2013. After graduation Ashley worked in medical device industry for more than 2 years. He is now pursuing his Masters in Engineering at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute.


Quantification of high-resolution rabbit intestine slow wave dynamics

The small intestine motility is coordinated by a combination of myogenic slow wave activity and neurogenic sympathetic and non-sympathetic signals from the enteric nervous system. When motility is impaired, the food or chyme can get trapped and can cause distention, leading to various diseases or disorders. Understanding the myogenic slow wave activity will provide us with an improved understanding of the mechanism governing gut motility. Most of the high resolution serosal mapping studies about the myogenic slow wave activity to date in the small intestine have been limited to pig and cat models.

The goal of this Masters Research project is to map and define slow wave propagation patterns across the small intestine in a rabbit model, with a view to develop a small animal model to understand gut motility.