Shasti Ramachandran


ME student

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Uniservices House
70 Symonds St, Level

Phone: +64 9 923 1497; internal 81497


Shasti graduated from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, with an Honors Degree in Bachelor of Engineering specializing in Bioengineering in the year 2016. She is now pursuing her Masters of Engineering at Auckland Bioengineering Institute with the support of Medical Technologies Centre of Research Excellence (MedTech CoRE).


Magnetic stimulation of evoked sphincter potentials as a test of anorectal neuropathy

Anorectal neuropathy is a key contributor to faecal incontinence in females, however the current clinical tools to evaluate the anorectal neurophysiology remains inadequate to facilitate the diagnosis. In this project we utilize the magnetic nerve stimulation to evoke sphincter potentials as a test of anorectal neuropathy, to accurately define whether anorectal neuropathy correlates with response to sacral nerve stimulation (SNS) therapy - a promising approach for treating faecal incontinence.