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Bioinstrumentation Lab members

We work in collaboration with local clinicians and international partners. We maintain close collaborative links with the MIT BioInstrumentation Laboratory and Millar. Several students in our laboratory have visited MIT as summer interns and visiting researchers. Check out our current research projects, and research opportunities.

The Bioinstrumentation Lab combines biology, optics, mechanics, mathematics, electronics, computation and chemistry to develop novel scientific instrumentation and medical devices. Our research projects encompass instrumentation development, observation and experimentation, and modelling and analysis. Our projects span basic science to translational engineering science with healthcare and commercial outcomes.

We maintain excellent laboratory and workshop facilities with specialist equipment for rapid electronic, mechanical and optical prototyping, imaging and wet-tissue experimentation. Our talented research team has specialist skills in sensors, imaging, signal processing, electronic circuit design, real-time control and analysis, telemetry, micro-fabrication, inductive power transfer and tissue experimentation.

Scientific instrumentation

Novel instruments, sensors and methods for making measurements and developing models.

  • Work-loop calorimeter

    Measuring the mechanical and energetic properties of individual realistically-contracting heart muscles.

  • The cardiomyometer

    Simultaneously measuring the geometric, mechanical, energetic, and ionic properties of individual realistically-contracting heart muscles.

Medical devices

Intelligent medical devices, developed in association with clinicians and scientists.

  • MRI compatible cycle ergometer

    Controlling and measuring the work output of patients exercising while their heart is assessed using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).