Auckland Bioengineering Institute

Cardiac and cardiovascular research

Research on the heart and cardiovascular system that combines instrumentation development, experimental measurements and mathematical modelling to understand basic mechanisms and how these are affected by disease.

  • Cardiac Mechanics

    Developing models of heart shape, tissue architecture and mechanical properties to predict mechanical processes.

  • Cardiac Electrophysiology

    Modelling the spread of electrical activity through the heart chambers using accurate computational techniques.

  • 3D Cardiac Cell Modelling

    A multi-disciplinary international effort to develop one of the world’s first anatomically realistic 3D models of cardiac cell structure and function.

  • Cardiac Electromechanics

    Linking cellular electrical activation and contraction mechanics to the pumping function of the heart.

  • MedTech Heart App

    Take a look at an interactive 3D model of the heart created by the cardiac research group. The biomechanical model demonstrates how the heart works and how it can be affected by common diseases.

  • Cardiac and Cardiovascular posters

    Research posters of the cardiac growth, electrophysiology, mechanics and metabolism groups, and the cardiovascular magnetic resonance group of the ABI.