Auckland Bioengineering Institute

Laboratory and workshop facilities

The Auckland Bioengineering Institute has excellent laboratory and workshop facilities, including areas dedicated to electronic development, mechanical construction as well as wet-lab facilities.

Laboratories are stocked with bioinstrumentation sourced from external vendors as well as equipment developed in-house by our researchers and graduates.

There are a selection of machines available for your next commercial or research project.

  • Hire laboratory equipment

    Our Instron and Micro-CT devices are available for your next commercial or research project. View our hire rates.

  • 3D Printer

    A machine which can create 3D models from StereoLithography computer files.

  • 3D Reconstruction microscope

    The 3D reconstruction microscope is a fully motorised and computer controlled 3D imaging source designed to obtain detailed structural information from blocks of soft tissue.

  • Biaxial testing rig

    The biaxial testing rig was custom built to investigate the mechanical properties of soft tissue membranes, such as skin.

  • Gait analysis treadmill

    The Gaitway technology comprises a piezoelectric ground reaction force measurement system housed in a commercially manufactured treadmill.

  • Haptic device

    This haptic device provides a range of motion approximating lower arm movement pivoting at the elbow, with force feedback to simulate feeling.

  • Micro-CT scanner

    MicroCT & X-ray microscope is an imaging modality to non-destructively obtain 2D & 3D structural information & volumetric analysis from small samples. The samples can originate from biological, material, geological and engineering scources.

  • Nikon inverted microscope

    The Nikon inverted microscope can gain detailed information from single living cells or thin slices of biological tissues, and is compatible with all advanced living cell applications.

  • Shear testing rig

    This novel tri-axial materials testing device has been developed for the testing of highly deformable soft biological tissues using a shear deformation.

  • Structural measurement rig

    This high throughput imaging system enables extended volume images to be collected semi-automatically from a range of resin-embedded tissues.

  • Trabecula muscle rig

    An in-house developed superfused muscle bath, suitable to determine both passive and active mechanical properties of cardiac trabeculae.