Auckland Bioengineering Institute

Computer numerical controlled (CNC) lathe


The Cyclematic CT1118 is a two axis lathe which is driven a CENTROID T10 CNC controller. It is capable of producing tapers, threads and profiles to cylindrical shaped components in a large range of materials. The machine has a positional accuracy of 20µm.


  • Maximum Swing 280mm
  • Maximum Turning Diameter Ø 150mm
  • Distance Between Centres 457mm
  • Spindle speeds (Variable) 50 to 4500 RPM
  • Chuck Diameter Ø150mm
  •  X- travel 155 mm Z- travel 340mm
  • Rapid Traverse 20m/min
  •  Tailstock Spindle Taper MT No.2
  • Tailstock Spindle Travel 95mm