Auckland Bioengineering Institute

Gait analysis treadmill


The Kistler Gaitway Instrumented Treadmill System™ is a piezoelectric ground reaction force measurement system housed in a commercially manufactured treadmill.

The treadmill is able to measure vertical ground reaction force and centre of pressure for complete, consecutive, multiple foot strikes during walking and running.

The instrumented treadmill system has been designed using a tandem force plate design (one plate in front of the other) and includes a algorithm which distinguishes left and right strikes.

The system consists of the Gaitway software system data acquisition board, a dual force plate instrumented treadmill with an eight-channel charge amplifier, six user defined inputs, foot discriminator circuit and belt speed sensor.


  • Treadmill speed range: 0.5 MPH to 12.4 MPH
  • Slope of inclination: 5% to 20%