Auckland Bioengineering Institute

Magnetic resonance imaging


The Niche Ortho MRI (InnnerVision) is a compact magnetic resonance system.

The Niche Ortho MRI allows imaging of limbs up to the upper arm and upper thigh, with a good range of clinical protocols optimised for the operating field strength of 0.2 Tesla.


  • Magnet field strength: 0.17 Tesla
  • Uniform field: 5 ppm over 160mm
  • Magnet weight: 500kg
  • Fringe field (5G): within 300mm
  • Operating frequency: 7.2MHz
  • Gradient strength: 15 mT/m
  • Gradient rise time: 500 usecs
  • RF coils: Upper limb volume and loop, Lower limb volume and loop
  • Sequences Optimised range of clinical protocols including GE, SE, IR