Mrs Bahareh Madadkhahsalmassi

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Doctoral Candidate - Doctor of Philosophy


Bahareh obtained her Bachelor of Chemical Engineering and her Master of Science in chemical Engineering- Pharmaceutical Industry from University of Tehran. Her Master of Science thesis was on designing a membrane bioreactor to treat pharmaceutical wastewater.

She started working in a pharmaceutical company in Iran. She had different roles, such quality control manager, R&D manager and production manager. As R&D manager, she could make and invent some dental materials in Iran.

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Just-in-time glucose sensing for a jet-injector based diabetes management system

Extraction of blood and monitoring of blood sugar levels helps diabetic patients to live a near normal life. Diabetics normally obtain blood by pricking their fingers with a lancet several times per day. Jet injection offers the possibility of replacing the lancet by piercing skin with a high pressure jet of fluid.

The aim of her thesis is to measure the blood glucose level and blood dilution rate as it is shown that the injected fluid can be withdrawn from jet injection site.