Mr Greg Dawick

NZCE Wintech, BSc Avondale College of Higher Education Aust.

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BioInstrumentationLab Engineer


Greg Dawick has a New Zealand Certificate of Engineering in Electronics and Computing Technology from the Waikato Polytechnic (now WinTech), and a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Avondale College of Higher Education in Australia.

The majority of Greg’s work experience has been with biomedical companies. In 1998 Greg joined Cochlear Ltd. where he worked as an Electronics Engineer in teams that developed behind the ear speech processors and a portable clinical programming system. Greg moved to ResMed Ltd in 2005 as a Quality Assurance Engineer. During his time there he worked for the PCB Assembly, Test Engineering, and Machines Production departments; he also did two short term secondments with the Product Analytics and Complaints Investigations departments performing failure analysis on field returns.

At the Auckland Bioengineering Institute Greg develops instrumentation electronics for research projects, assists students with electronics design and assembly, and looks after the electronics lab and equipment. The work is quite varied and covers a range of interesting design problems including, but not limited to: power supply design, motor drivers and controllers, instrumentation amplifiers, pressure transducers, optics, programming and data accusation.

At the time of writing Greg was designing instrumentation amplifiers for pressure transducers and a motor driver for a peristaltic pump. He was also assisting students with the following projects: a fibre coupled LED light source, a lithium super capacitor stack with a pulsed high power output using a switching regulator, and a simple set of PCB’s to connect linear actuators to a wiring loom.

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