Dr Jichao Zhao

BSc MSc Northerneastern (China), PhD W.Ont

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Senior Research Fellow


After completing a Bachelor and Masters of Science in Computational Mathematics at the Northeastern University, China, Jichao obtained a PhD in Applied Mathematics at the University of Western Ontario, Canada. Jichao then worked one year in INRIA, France as a postdoctoral fellow. In September of 2007, Jichao joined the Auckland Bioengineering Institute as a Research Fellow.

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Current research interests

  • Computer models of atria
  • Atrial mapping study
  • Atrial electrogram analysis
  • Patient specific models of atria
  • Sino-atrial node structure

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Postgraduate supervision

2014- Mr Girish Ramlugun

2013- Mr Belvin Thomas

2012- Ms Shu Meng


Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Fu, X., Liu, T., Xiong, Z., Smaill, B. H., Stiles, M. K., & Zhao, J. (2018). Segmentation of histological images and fibrosis identification with a convolutional neural network. Computers in biology and medicine, 98, 147-158. 10.1016/j.compbiomed.2018.05.015
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Bruce Smaill
  • Pathik, B., Kalman, J. M., Walters, T., Kuklik, P., Zhao, J., Madry, A., ... Lee, G. (2018). Absence of rotational activity detected using 2-dimensional phase mapping in the corresponding 3-dimensional phase maps in human persistent atrial fibrillation. Heart rhythm, 15 (2), 182-192. 10.1016/j.hrthm.2017.09.010
  • Tse, G., Liu, T., Li, G., Keung, W., Yeo, J. M., Fiona Chan, Y. W., ... Li, R. A. (2017). Effects of pharmacological gap junction and sodium channel blockade on S1S2 restitution properties in Langendorff-perfused mouse hearts. Oncotarget, 8 (49), 85341-85352. 10.18632/oncotarget.19675
  • Stephenson, R. S., Atkinson, A., Kottas, P., Perde, F., Jafarzadeh, F., Bateman, M., ... Anderson, R. H. (2017). High resolution 3-dimensional imaging of the human cardiac conduction system from microanatomy to mathematical modeling. Scientific Reports, 710.1038/s41598-017-07694-8
  • Zhao, J., Hansen, B. J., Wang, Y., Csepe, T. A., Sul, L. V., Tang, A., ... Powell, K. A. (2017). Three-dimensional integrated functional, structural, and computational mapping to define the structural "fingerprints" of heart-specific atrial fibrillation drivers in human heart ex vivo. Journal of the American Heart Association, 6 (8)10.1161/JAHA.117.005922
  • Li, N., Hansen, B. J., Csepe, T. A., Zhao, J., Ignozzi, A. J., Sul, L. V., ... Biesiadecki, B. J. (2017). Redundant and diverse intranodal pacemakers and conduction pathways protect the human sinoatrial node from failure. Science Translational Medicine, 9 (400)10.1126/scitranslmed.aam5607
  • Hansen, B. J., Zhao, J., & Fedorov, V. V. (2017). Fibrosis and atrial fibrillation: Computerized and optical mapping; A view into the human atria at submillimeter resolution. JACC: Clinical Electrophysiology, 3 (6), 531-546. 10.1016/j.jacep.2017.05.002
  • Pathik, B., Kalman, J. M., Walters, T., Kuklik, P., Zhao, J., Madry, A., ... Lee, G. (2017). Transient rotor activity during prolonged three-dimensional phase mapping in human persistent atrial Fibrillation. JACC: Clinical Electrophysiology, 4 (1), 72-83. 10.1016/j.jacep.2017.06.005


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