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Bioengineering PhD candidate Mahyar Osanlouy is undertaking his doctoral research at the Lungs and Respiratory System Laboratory of the University‚Äôs Auckland Bioengineering Institute. The former medical researcher began his career in biomedical engineering in 2013, building statistical shape models of the human lung to develop a computer tool for evaluation of lung shape and function. Mahyar is the recipient of a scholarship from the School of Medicine Foundation.

Mahyar is awaiting to defend his PhD thesis. He is currently working as a Research Scientist at the Institute towards a Postdoctoral fellowship. 


Research | Current

Predicting physiology from morphology in the ageing lung

Mahyar's PhD thesis is "Statistical Shape Analysis to Quantify Lung Structure-Function Relationships over the Adult Lifespan".


Research group

Lungs and Respiratory System


  • Winner of BIRU Image Competition's Visualisation and Analysis Award - Nov 2017
  • EM Steer and IM Booth Fund Fellowship - Feb 207
  • Winner of SPARK Ideas Challenge Commercial Prize - May 2015
  • Evelyn May Steer Estate Award - Oct 2013

Areas of expertise

  • Statistical shape modelling
  • Machine learning
  • Image processing
  • Anatomy & physiology


Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Osanlouy, M. (2018). Statistical Shape Analysis to Quantify Lung Structure-Function Relationships over the Adult Lifespan The University of Auckland. ResearchSpace@Auckland.
  • Osanlouy, M., Tawhai, M., Kumar, H., Clark, A., & Hoffman, E. (2015). QUANTIFYING AGE-RELATED CHANGES IN PULMONARY LOBAR GEOMETRY. Paper presented at Thoracic Society Australia New Zealand Australian New Zealand Society Respiratory Science Annual Scientific Meeting 2015, Queensland, AUSTRALIA. 27 March - 1 April 2015. RESPIROLOGY. (pp. 1).
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Merryn Tawhai, Haribalan Kumar
  • Osanlouy, M., Kumar, H., Clark, A. R., Malcolm, D. T. K., Hoffman, E. A., & Tawhai, M. H. (2014). Quantifying the difference in lung shape at FRC between normal old and young subjects. Paper presented at American Thoracic Society 2014 International Conference, San Diego, California, USA. 16 May - 21 May 2014. Related URL.
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Haribalan Kumar, Merryn Tawhai


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