Ms Nazanin Ebrahimi

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Research Assistant
Doctoral Candidate - Doctor of Philosophy


Nazanin (Naz) recieved a Bachelor degree in Biology and a Master degree in Genetics from Iran. She completed her Master thesis in the University of Oxford. In an effort to develop knowledge and skills into Computational Biology, she joined ABI in 2013 as a PhD candidate.  

Research | Current

Naz’s project is focused on multi-scale modelling of the early heart development, namely looping phase. She aims to examine signalling pathways and regulatory networks that control proliferation and growth of the cardiac cells in response to spatial signals. Models of subcellular regulatory pathways will be linked to the cellular growth and subsequently to the tissue remodelling.

She hopes to address how molecular and cellular processes are regulated to achieve coordinated morphological and functional properties during looping.


  • Dist Prof Peter Hunter
  • Dr Christopher Patrick Bradley


Aegean Conference Travel Award, 11th International Conference on Pathways, Networks, and Systems Medicine, Crete, Greece, 2015.

Areas of expertise

  • Molecular genetics
  • Computational and sytems biology