Mr Soroosh Haji Hosseinnejad

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Doctoral Candidate - Doctor of Philosophy


After receiving Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from Iran in 2010, Soroosh went to UK to continue his study in Mechanical Engineering Design in the University of Manchester. He completed his Master's dissertation on Mathematical Modelling of Patellar Tendon in the knee joint and obtained MSc degree with Distinction Award in 2012. Soroosh is currently studying towards a doctorate in the ABI's Bioinstrumentation Group.

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High stroke-to-length ratio direct-drive electromagnetic actuators for upper limb rehabilitation robots

Soroosh's thesis is focused on the development of a single DOF shoulder gravity compensation exoskeleton for post-stroke upper limb rehabilitation. In particular, the project is aimed at developing a novel direct-drive linear motor to drive the robot. Comparing to the conventional motors, such actuators offer higher force-to-mass ratios and lower inherent mechanical impedance, valuable properties for an effective rehabilitation device.