Auckland Bioengineering Institute

The Auckland Bioengineering Institute (ABI) is a cross-faculty research centre. Our research deals with the application of mathematical and engineering sciences to biology and human physiology. We aim to improve understanding of physiological processes and the diagnosis and treatment of injury or disease. Many of our staff have joint appointments in other Faculties, especially with the Department of Engineering Science in the Faculty of Engineering and the Department of Physiology in the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences.

  • How smoking hits babies
    25 May 2016
    Dr Harvey Ho and his team presents their preliminary design of an educational tool for pregnant smokers which visualises the effects of smoking on their babies, using scan imagery of their own babies.
  • Heart energetics researcher gains funding
    23 May 2016
    The response of heart muscle in heart failure will come under closer scrutiny with the award of an emerging researcher grant by the Health Research Council.
  • Kiwis kit makes walking electric
    10 May 2016
    NZ Herald looks at a new wearable power harvesting kit, developed at ABI's Biomimetics Lab and commercialised by spin-out company StretchSense. It enables wearers to generate electricity just by walking, which can then be used to power activity trackers, GPS transmitters, and maybe large devices like smartphones in the future.
  • ABI team awarded for Research Excellence
    09 May 2016
    A team from the Auckland Bioengineering Institute who critically advanced the understanding of an aspect of gut health and disease, was awarded a University of Auckland Research Excellence Award last week.
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    Meet the scientists, researchers, students and support staff of the Auckland Bioengineering Institute.

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    From biomimetics to bioinstrumentation, our hearts to our skin, read about the breadth of activities carried out by ABI research groups.

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    Find out about the software tools and frameworks the Auckland Bioengineering Institute develops to support its research activities, and our developers.

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    IMeasureU, Portal Instruments, StretchSense, UnEmap System and the former Telemetry Research (now merged with Millar Instruments) are commercial entities which have developed from the ABI's innovative research programme.

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