Visit from Ningbo University

25 May 2015
Ningbo University Delegation
Left to right: Associate Professor Yaodong Gu, Professor Zhu Yuejin, Professor Xu Junwei , Associate Professor Piaras Kelly, Professor Zheng Mengzhuang (Vice President of Ningbo University), Professor Peter Hunter (ABI Director), Associate Professor Caroline Daley (Dean of Graduate Studies, University of Auckland), Dr Justin Fernandez, Professor Zheng Chunlong and Miss Yan Jie.

The Auckland Bioengineering Institute was recently visited by the Vice President of Ningbo University in China, Professor Zheng Mengzhuang; and several of his colleagues, Professor Xu Junwei (Director of Department of Strategy), Professor Zhu Yuejin (Dean of Faculty of Sciences) and Professor Zheng Chunlong (Dean of the International College). Ningbo interpreter Miss Yan Jie accompanied them.

They toured the ABI research facilities and met with Professor Peter Hunter (ABI Director), Associate Professor Caroline Daley (Dean of Graduate Studies), Associate Professor Piaras Kelly (Associate Dean Postgraduate Engineering) and Dr Justin Fernandez (ABI/Engineering Science Senior Lecturer), to discuss a formal, and active, relationship with the ABI, the Faculty of Engineering and the University of Auckland. The meeting stemmed from a research visit Associate Professor Yaodong Gu is currently undertaking with Dr Fernandez and Associate Professor Thor Besier.

Professor Peter Hunter and Associate Professor Caroline Daley discussed a shared Masters agreement as a first step in developing the relationship. The ABI and Ningbo University were also keen to pursue China Scholarship Council (CSC) PhD students in the coming round.  As a first step in building this relationship, Dr Fernandez has been invited by Associate Professor Yaodong Gu to visit Ningbo University next month to deliver a seminar and speak with potential CSC and Masters students. Associate Professor Daley will visit Ningbo on her next China visit and Professor Hunter has been invited to tour Ningbo by Vice President Professor Zheng Mengzhuang.