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ABI researcher part of $6.5 million NIH grant

10 July 2018

David Nickerson

David Nickerson, a Senior Research Fellow at Auckland Bioengineering Institute (ABI), is a member of an international team that has just won a $6.5 million, five-year center grant with the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

David leads the model curation service for The Center for Reproducible Biomedical Modeling at the University of Washington.

 The role of model curation is to evaluate the reproducibility of models, submitted directly or via partner journals, and ensure the models are annotated so they can be discovered and reused by the community, says David. “The curation service will also play a key role in guiding development of modelling and simulation standards to meet the needs of the biomedical modelling community.”

Reproducibility is a major issue in scientific research and the University of Washington center’s goal is to help researchers in biomedical modeling publish fully reproducible models.

“This will be achieved by developing new technologies to assist researchers as well as help journals to ensure that submitted models are reproducible,” says David.

The Center will focus on the entire computational chain from data, model generation to publication so that all aspects are reproducible. This will enable other researchers to more easily build on previous work thereby accelerating research in areas such as alzheimer's disease, liver damage, heart disease and viral immunity.

"We are delighted that the NIH has made this award says Associate Professor of Bioengineering at Washington, Herbert Sauro, who is the director of the new center. “We hope to establish best practices for biomedical modeling, and to encourage reproducibility, and reuse of models. In the long term we also wish to help encourage the development of credible models that could be used in clinical settings.”


At ABI David leads the Auckland Renal Physiome project and is an elected member of the CellML editorial board, as well as being a COMBINE coordinator.

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