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Media coverage

  • Virtual heart gets around
    04 September 2018
    The virtual 3D heart Dr Jichao Zhao and his team have developed features in the 4 September issue of the Health Research Council’s Update.
  • Finger Reader
    17 July 2018
    Watch Associate Professor Suranga Nanayakkara and the team from Augmented Human Laboratory talking about their innovation - the Finger Reader.
  • Here, put these on and feel what I feel
    09 July 2018
    Read about Professor Mark Billinghurst talking about augmented reality and the evolution to the Empathic Computing Laboratory he is setting up here at ABI.
  • Giant Leaps
    17 May 2018
    Dr Amir HajiRassouliha's research on a new machine vision technology is featured on the Science for Technological Innovation Challenge website.
  • Dr McCormick featured on NZ Herald
    19 March 2018
    NZ Herald reports ABI has received $1m philanthropy funding from the Hugo Charitable Trust for Dr Daniel McCormick's research on optogenetics, which could help treat conditions like Parkinson's disease.
  • Dr Alys Clark featured in North and South magazine
    14 March 2018
    See Dr Alys Clark’s work on the virtual placenta noted in the latest North & South magazine.
  • Dr Fernandez on Radio NZ
    06 March 2018
    Listen to Associate Professor Justin Fernandez talking on National Radio about back posture and pain.
  • Daimler hires ABI spinoff's avatar to answer customer enquiries
    28 February 2018
    Computerworld NZ reports ABI's spinoff company Soul Machines has signed European car maker Daimler as its latest customer. Daimler Financial Services is using a Soul Machines-produced digital avatar named Sarah to assist customers.
  • Listen to Simon Malpas on Radio New Zealand
    20 February 2018
    Simon talks to Katherine Ryan about personalised medicine and the need to refine implantable devices that can be inserted into the body to provide data for clinical and research use.
  • Mapping the gut
    08 December 2017
    In an article published by the Royal Society of New Zealand, ABI's senior research fellow Dr Peng Du reflects on the history and future of exploring techniques to measure the bio-electrical activity of the gut.
  • German collaboration on soft tissue robotics in NBR
    28 November 2017
    Associate Professor Leo Cheng was quoted in the National Business Review on 27th November in an article about Germany’s ongoing interest in collaborating with New Zealand researchers.
  • Meet the ZozoSuit
    27 November 2017
    Kiwi wearable tech company StretchSense has come up with a solution for making sure the clothes you buy online actually fit. Oh, and they've also drawn major attention from Japan's largest online retailer. (Idealog magazine)
  • Japanese retailer invests in Kiwi startup StretchSense in deal worth up to $US92m
    23 November 2017
    StretchSense, a spinout company from ABI's Biomimetics Lab will receive significant investment from the online retailer StartToday. This comes as a result of their collaboration on the Zozosuit, a suit for getting perfect measurements of the body so online shoppers can order perfect-fitting clothes. (Requires NBR subscription.)
  • Peng Du on RNZ
    08 November 2017
    Listen to ABI researcher Peng Du talk about mapping the gut on “Our Changing World” with Alison Ballance on RNZ National.
  • Heart model in NZ Herald
    31 October 2017
    The ABI’s cardiac mechanics team and their dynamic computer model of the heart have been featured in a New Zealand Herald article.
  • Our researchers feature in Newsroom
    11 October 2017
    Dr Alys Clark and Dr Jenny Kruger have written an opinion piece on pregnancy and childbirth which features in Newsroom’s Future Learning section.
  • Taniwha article published in Ingenia Magazine in the UK
    29 September 2017
    An article on ABI’s human-powered submarine, the Taniwha, recently made an appearance in the Ingenia magazine published by the Royal Academy of Engineering in the UK.
  • Listen to Dr Vickie Shim on 95bFM
    06 September 2017
    Dr Vickie Shim was interviewed on her work on 95bFM’s Ready Steady Learn programme on Tuesday 8/9/2017.
  • The future of robots is soft
    03 August 2017
    Listen to Associate Professor Iain Anderson and Dr Markus Henke from ABI's biomimetics lab talk about their work on soft robots, in a recent RNZ Our Changing World programme.
  • Getting the measure of IMeasureU
    01 August 2017
    Read the story about how the ABI spinout company has developed a high-fidelity motion measurement system that enables, coaches and elite athletes to benefit from data-driven performance insights.