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Listen to Dr Vickie Shim on 95bFM

06 September 2017
Vickie Shim

Dr Vickie Shim was interviewed on her work on 95bFM’s Ready Steady Learn programme on Tuesday 8/9/2017. 

Listen here.

Vickie is a bioengineering researcher and part of a project identifying therapeutic targets for brain concussion through collaboration between MedTech CoRE and Brain Research NZ CoRE.

New Zealand has one of the highest incidences of brain concussion in the world yet there is no accepted treatment available. Numerous studies have been conducted in the past using animal models, cell cultures and computational models. These studies have increased our understanding of brain concussion and associated cellular events. Yet they have not been translated into successful clinical trials or treatments. One main reason is that a clear link between the mechanical factors of the concussion and subsequent downstream cellular events have not been established, especially in humans. We do not know how the mechanical energy from concussion is transferred to the brain and then to the cellular and vessel network within the brain causing damages in the tissue.

In this project, Vickie and her team are using a multidisciplinary approach combining state-of-the-art neuroscience with 1) wearable sensors measuring actual brain concussion from rugby players, 2) high fidelity computational models of the brain and 3) novel cell mechanical device.

"Once combined, we will be able to control the cellular microenvironment during and after concussion to identify key cellular mechanisms that cause damages to the brain. This will be used to develop potential therapies for brain concussion."